What is Cultivating Holy Beauty?

Many Christians are asleep, resting in their salvation instead of actively pursuing a relationship with the One who saved them. We are missing so much! Cultivating Holy Beauty isn’t another Christian book study … it’s a shade drawn back, exposing our darkness to His light and awakening the bride of Christ to a Son that’s already risen.

Designed as a three-course discipleship curriculum for women, Cultivating Holy Beauty cultivates intimacy with Jesus by teaching believers how to think on God’s Word with purpose and let it penetrate their hearts. The overflow of a heart that has been filled with His Spirit will equip them with the skills to go and do likewise, making disciples of other women.

Cultivating Holy Beauty’s vision with this series is to prepare a Bride who is awake and ready for the return of her Beloved, Jesus Christ.

We hope you will arise and join us as we bask in His extravagant love!




To know Jesus and be known by Him, intimately. Cultivating Holy Beauty is designed to help the Bride of Christ learn how to love and receive the love of Jesus, deeply. When we find our identity in Christ, words like "worthless" change to "priceless."

- Matthew 22:36-38 -



To accept the redemption only Jesus can give. When you learn to trust Jesus with your sin - His goodness becomes undeniable - then you can believe and receive His forgiveness.

- Isaiah 61:1-3 -



The purpose of the great commission is to exalt the LORD and bring His Bride into everlasting freedom by teaching how to show her love for Jesus by obeying His commands.

- Matthew 28:16-20 -

Elevate Not Replace

"Cultivating Holy Beauty was designed to ELEVATE ministries

by making them stronger."


Jessie North

President and Author of Cultivating Holy Beauty


Discipleship Course Summaries

Purposeful study of God’s Word is how we initiate intimacy with Jesus, but understanding the how and why of His truths will rewrite our hearts. Cultivating Holy Beauty disciples women through this courtship while equipping them with the skills to go and teach other women to do the same.

Books 1 thru 3 of Cultivating Holy Beauty are foundational to strengthening our vertical relationship with God and cleaning out the wounds that have kept us from claiming love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Previews are available for each book by clicking the images below.

Books 1-3



Cultivating Holy Beauty has changed the way I read the Word, pray and worship my Lord! It replaces the desire for the thrill of another Bible study with the yearning for time with the King of my heart.”​


—  Kristle, Wife and Mother

Discipleship Training

Cultivating Holy Beauty is designed to elevate other ministries by equipping women with a cleaned out heart that is intimately pursuing Jesus. By firmly establishing a priority to our vertical relationship with Jesus, we can then rightly love and serve others thru our marriages, motherhood, friendships and ministry.


If you are interested in online discipleship training, please let us know by completing our interest form here. Cultivating Holy Beauty groups will launch across the nation in January 2019.


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