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"Cultivating Holy Beauty taught me the skills to fight depression and anxiety and actually win in the moment! When the overwhelming thoughts and sweaty palms start, I know exactly what to do! Thank you, Lord! And thank you Jessie, for your obedience to the One who saves, sets free, and delivers!"

— Amy, Age 27

Spokane, WA

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What is Cultivating Holy Beauty?

Cultivating Holy Beauty, written by Jessie North, is a discipleship curriculum designed to help women become disciples of Jesus Christ, plain and simple! This ministry helps women thrive by discovering their true identity and value in Jesus Christ, based on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. We believe that when a woman finds her identity in Christ, everything else—identity, marriage, motherhood, life in general—begins to fall into place! 

Cultivating Holy Beauty is designed to help fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), by teaching women how to love God with their whole heart, soul, and mind. This unique curriculum teaches women how to think on God’s Word with purpose allowing it to become heart-knowledge instead of just head-knowledge, so they can learn to truly love God with all they have!

Cultivating Holy Beauty’s vision with this series is to prepare the Church to be awake and ready for the return of her Beloved, Jesus Christ.




To know Jesus and be known by Him, intimately. Cultivating Holy Beauty is designed to help the Bride of Christ learn how to love and receive the love of Jesus, deeply. When we find our identity in Christ, words like "worthless" change to "priceless."

- Matthew 22:36-38 -



To accept the redemption only Jesus can give. When you learn to trust Jesus with your sin - His goodness becomes undeniable - then you can believe and receive His forgiveness.

- Isaiah 61:1-3 -



The purpose of the great commission is to exalt the LORD and bring His Bride into everlasting freedom by teaching how to show her love for Jesus by obeying His commands.

- Matthew 28:16-20 -

Elevate Not Replace

"Cultivating Holy Beauty was designed to ELEVATE the Body of Christ by helping women find their identity in Jesus, based on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit."
Jessie North
 Author of Cultivating Holy Beauty


Why Choose Cultivating Holy Beauty?

Purposeful study of God’s Word is how we initiate intimacy with Jesus, but understanding the how and why of His truths will rewrite our hearts. Cultivating Holy Beauty disciples women through this courtship while equipping them with the skills to go and teach other women to do the same.

Each book has a Leader's Guide for each lesson, so the group leader has the same book as the participants. Discipleship is something Jesus commanded all believers to be a part of. Cultivating Holy Beauty helps women fulfill the Great Commission!

Books 1 thru 3 of Cultivating Holy Beauty are foundational to strengthening our vertical relationship with God and cleaning out the wounds that have kept us from claiming love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Previews are available for each book by clicking the images below:


What Training Do We Offer?

Discipleship isn’t complicated... it’s also not always easy!

Cultivating Holy Beauty is designed to elevate the body of Christ by teaching women how to become disciples of Jesus.

By firmly establishing a relationship with Jesus, we then step into the purpose God created us for, loving Him and others thru a relationship with Him, our marriages, motherhood, and ministry. 

We understand that discipleship is often new territory for many! To help with that

We offer training via phone, zoom, in-person training events, and training videos!

If you have any questions about Cultivating Holy Beauty, please email us at 

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