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Have you noticed how everyone seems to be divided over all the

politics in our country and how easy it is to get offended?

Are you weighed down with grief from the loss of a loved one and

need help in sharing the burden of your pain with Jesus?

In Scripture, God is specific when mentioning who will experience revival.

Come and learn how to live a REVIVED life based on the Word!

In a time when offense and grief are all around us, many Christians desire

more than ever to know how to shine brightly to those around us!

Let's Get Started!

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Come and be refreshed with reminders from Scripture as Jessie North, author of the "Cultivating Holy Beauty" series, shares stories and teaches on how to respond to the offense in yourself and others in a way that glorifies the Lord and edifies the soul!

Bring something to take notes on and learn how to respond to offense, process grief, and surrender burdens to the Lord . 

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